I always loved to make photo's wherever I've been. I shot my first photo's with my polaroid camera on the age of six. Since I bought an EOS 600D DSLR I started professionalizing my pictures more and more.

At a certain moment I mastered my camera but didn't knew that much about framing and lightning. I started to study these subjects till I knew everything about them. This resulted in four photoshoots I did for people in a studio (Studio West).

Since I did these photoshoots I started retouching my work more and more in Adobe Photoshop. Since 2012 I'm bringing my camera with me to my holiday's. I love to take the time for that perfect shot! I like to make pictures to improve my skills and my experience.

Nowadays I work with my Sony A7III and try to capture all the magic. Checkout some of my work on this page.