I started producing music in 2009. First I focused on instrumental music. After that got picked up by people which resulted into producing a lot of songs. In the studio I worked together with many artists. I did productions, recordings, mixes and masterings and worked on different projects, I never stopped producing music.

I recorded over 750 songs during my music career as a producer. And there are over 400 songs out there where I did the full mix and master. Mostly i've did these activities with Logic Pro, Logic Pro X, Cubase or Pro Tools.


In association with Studio West I demonstrate a lot of recording workshops with different type of students. I did recordings at the Red Bull Studio's, Cruise Control Studio's, Midnight Crew Studio's and a lot of homestudio's. Since 2017 I'am working with a mobile studio. Artists can make bookings and we build a studio in their own safe area. Some artists feel more comfortable when recording in their private space to compare to a big studio like the Red Bull Studio.

In the past 7 years I did recordings for: Rasskulz, Seffelinie, Akwasi, Leeroy, BKO, Lil Saint, Ray Fuego, Jonna Fraser, Sevn Alias, Lijpe, Era, Juicc, Jowy Rosé, Laylo, Pierrii, Rambo, Latifah, Lost, LVZY, Skinto, Stepherd, Servinio, Desmond Read, Junior Neph, De Gang D, The Hype, Romeo Donk and many more talented artists.

In 2017 I released my latest project 'Stap voor stap' where I made songs with different artists. Since then I'm focused more on international music and film music. This offered me the change to take more time for my beats and to offer my clients customized music in their videos. 

Nowadays I take long days in the studio to create new projects.

Picture by: Arne Elgersma


I have a list of scores which I offer to my clients as an additional service. Whether you create a video for fun or for work, you want quality. Thats why I offer the customer to choose the best quality in every aspect of the production process, including the music selection.

Nowadays its hard to just use random audio in your videos. Since that moment I focused more on different types of 'feelings' in my music production.

Checkout some examples where I did the music in the video: